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Oh, Hello There! 

First Things First: A guide for the newly engaged

Planning Tips

Congratulations, your magic moment finally happened – you’re newly engaged!

Now that you’re a fiancé (yes, a fiancé – let that sink in), you’re probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel happy, excited, or even a little anxious.

There are so many things to consider and a long list of people to tell, but take a deep breath. Although you may want to dive in nose first, remember…not everything needs to happen all at once.

So where do you start? Although there is no strict playbook on next steps, there are some immediate “newly engaged to-dos” you should tackle.

Enjoy the Moment

First things first, savor the moment! Before you dive for your phone, take some time to absorb that “newly engaged feeling” with your partner. Don’t feel obligated to start calling and texting people right away. Instead, revel in the beauty of your engagement. Pop a bottle of champagne, laugh and cry together, take a selfie with your ring(s) to capsulize the moment, whatever you both want to do. You’ll appreciate this time later.

Announce It

Now we know you’re itching to post your shiny new ring on social media or shout from the roof tops “I’m engaged!” And while it may be hard to fight the urge, take a pause. There is a correct hierarchy to announcing that you’re a newly engaged couple – first family, then friends and then the world. Only after you’ve called (not texted) those closest to you should you post to social media.

Size & Insure Ring(s)

Although it’s not the most romantic or exciting “newly engaged to-do,” sizing and insuring your ring(s) is one of the most important steps. Imagine how you’d feel one day if you looked down at your finger and your ring was gone. This panic-inducing situation can be avoided if your ring fits properly. Sizing only requires you to be apart from your sparkly new accessory for a short while and then you’ll never have to be without it again!

Oh…and if this panic-inducing situation were to occur (fingers crossed it doesn’t), insurance gives you peace of mind to ensure it can be replaced. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive to add to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Choose Your Wedding Party

You can’t get married without your besties! Up next on the “newly engaged to-dos” is to choose your wedding party. You and your partner will need to discuss how many people you want in your party and whether you’re okay with even and odd numbers. Keep in mind the people closest to you when making this decision and be sure to set honest expectations for those you choose to include.

Engagement Party

Hosting an engagement party is totally optional, but is a great way to celebrate you as a newly engaged couple! It’s also a good opportunity to ask your loved ones to be a part of your wedding party. If you plan to host an engagement party, you’ll want to consider if this is something you’d like to plan or if you want to hand it off to close family or friends (trust us – they want to help). Also, remember this event is about you and your partner so it should resonate with how you want to celebrate. Do you want a low-key dinner or an extravagant sit-down? Should there be a theme? Whatever you decide, be prepared to soak up all the attention and to receive an abundance of love from those closest to you.

Determine Budget and Guest List

We know you’re already daydreaming about your wedding, but don’t fall too far down the rabbit hole. Before any large decisions are made, it’s important for you and your partner to discuss budget and guest list. How many people you decide to invite will definitely have an impact on cost and vice versa. This conversation may be awkward (you’ve got this!), but it’s important to ensure you and your fiancé are on the same page.

Hire a Planner…Specifically OH Hello

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is stressful and not easy. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone, OH Hello is here to help! Even if you have a date and location in mind, it’s best to have a planner right from the beginning. Do you know what to do if the venue and vendors you want are already booked? Don’t worry – we got this. An OH Hello planner can help you tackle any obstacle, while still giving you time to relish in the newly engaged glow. Book with OH Hello today and check this off your “newly engaged to-do list!

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