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Elevating Elegance: Melanie and Taylor’s Timeless Wedding at The Old Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland

Melanie and Taylor’s journey to their dream wedding at The Old Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland was a testament to the transformative power of finding the right wedding planner. Melanie, after a year of planning with another professional, made the pivotal decision to switch planners, driven by a desire for better communication and a clearer understanding of the planner’s role.

Upon the transition, Melanie’s expectations were not only met but exceeded. She realized that a wedding planner should not only assist with logistics, but also actively engage in the legwork, keep expectations realistic, and maintain impeccable organizational skills. The shift empowered Melanie to make choices that truly resonated with her personality and aesthetic.

Melanie noted that a major shift from her previous planner to working with Amanda at Oh Hello was Amanda’s commitment to finding vendors that perfectly aligned with Melanie’s vision. Rather than settling for convenience, OH Hello sought out professionals who not only complemented Melanie’s personality but also understood the aesthetic she was aiming for. This meticulous vendor selection process allowed Melanie to curate a dream team that worked seamlessly together.

Budget adjustments played a strategic role in Melanie and Taylor’s wedding planning, particularly when it came to elevating the importance of photography. Recognizing the timeless value of capturing their special day, the couple rearranged their budget to invest in high-quality photography that would beautifully encapsulate the essence of their celebration.

Melanie was particularly enamored with Marina Claire’s photography style, personality and attention to detail. She said everytime she looks through her gallery she notices images she hadn’t noticed before and loves how Marina captured not just the pivotal events, but the little moments in-between. 

The design inspiration for the wedding was a thoughtful blend of modern trends and classic elegance, resulting in a celebration that felt both timeless and on-trend. The neutral color palette provided a sophisticated backdrop, allowing modern and trendy elements to shine without overshadowing the classic charm of The Old Courthouse.

A particular highlight for Melanie was the collaboration with vendors who went above and beyond to ensure her vision came to life. 

Melanie especially wished that Dave Kasper, who stopped the show with his saxophone during cocktail hour, could have stayed longer. She said investing in more time with Dave is the only change she would make if she could go back and change anything about her wedding day. 

Melanie was still gushing over her floral design during our chat, which took place 6 months after her wedding. She noted how easy it was to work with Jordan, owner of Jorgielee, and appreciated the guidance provided throughout her design changes., and the mockups Jordan provided, which allowed Melanie to better visualize her day. 

Another noteworthy aspect was Melanie’s interaction with L’Nique Linen. Visiting their showroom allowed her to better hone in on the overall design and color palette for the day. This hands-on experience resonated with Melanie, emphasizing the value of vendors who prioritize client involvement.

Melanie and Taylor’s process was different than most couples, but in the end they were more than impressed by the team who was with them on their wedding day. 

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